iPhone / Android Setup

For Quick Setup, Watch the Video Below



Watch the Video Below for FULL Setup

Follow steps  below for QUICK Setup

Client iOS Setup.png

Mac Client Setup

After downloading the NVMS Software to your Mac, follow these steps:


1. Open the NVMS Application and create a local username and password. (You can make this whatever you want but don't lose it!)

2. Ignore the "Wizard", Click the "Add" button shown below.


3. Make sure "IP/Domain" is selected. Enter the information according to your AquaVue personal credentials. (Refer to Signup Email), then click "Add"


4. You should see a black box appear in the bottom right that says "Import Succeeded", if you see anything else such as an error message, go back and check your credential info.

5. Click "Control Panel" in the top left Menu Bar, then select Main View, as shown below.


6. Click and drag the folder icon labeled with "(your Marina Name)" over to the grey box area.

7. Double click on the box that shows your boat, this will bring it full screen.

8. That's it! You're all set to go.